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Manage Technical Debt

Technical debt is a problem for everyone who wants to grow fast and develop quickly, and it always (always!) rears its head at the most critical and inconvenient moment. QArea have seen dozens of startups step on these rakes again and again and successfully helped companies like Dashlane, HuffPost or Skype.

Quality Assurance as a Service

New companies have the highest risk of developing technical debt and they have the most to lose. In this learning session QArea will present their approach to manage tech debt, practical steps on how to avoid it and you will get insights into testing processes of QArea.


  • Learning from the mistakes and successes of other projects
  • Eliminating key issues during the development/testing stages
  • Troubleshooting your testing: the “when, what, and where” of quality assurance
  • A real case study that demonstrates what it takes to make a release-ready project
  • And of course: get to know our new partner QArea 

How does it work?

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  2. Submit your question(s) in advance.
  3. Be there and get in touch with experts from QArea and other Speedinvest Startups

When? 06/08/2019 from 9.30 - 11.00 AM

Where? Speedinvest office, weXelerate tower, space 36
(meeting room: Shocking Orange), Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna

Not in Vienna? Online participation will be possible via Google Hangouts, simply signup here and you will receive a link in your confirmation email.

100% free of charge

See you there!


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